Bioanalytical Instrumentation - František Foret
Bioanalytical Instrumentation - František Foret
Bioanalytical Instrumentation


František Foret František Foret
Research Group Leader Senior

Research areas

  • Capillary separations
  • Mass spectrometry coupling
  • Miniaturisation
  • Single-cell analysis

Main objectives

Development of novel techniques for the separation and analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, small bio active molecules & drugs and their complexes based on electrophoretic and microfluidic systems, electrochemical and optical methods and nanotechnologies.

Content of research

Exploring new ways of achieving enhancements in resolution, sensitivity and selectivity of analyses. Utilization of theoretical and instrumental approaches for the development and applications of microfluidics, nanotechnologies and novel chemistries. Research of novel techniques for the separation and analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, small bioactive molecules and drugs and their complexes using electrophoretic and microfluidic systems coupled with electrochemical, optical and mass spectrometric methods.

  • Microseparation systems for the analysis of biomolecules will be developed utilizing combination of microfluidic chips and structured nanoparticles including quantum dots, magnetically activated tags; enzymatic and nanoparticle modified monolithic supports.
  • New detection principles, based on surface signal enhancement (e.g. surface plasmon, Raman, fluorescence, electrochemistry) will be combined with the newly developed separations. These technologies and instrumentation will be developed for joint applications with other investigators at CEITEC.
  • Technologies for microanalyses of proteins and their glycosylation will be focused on the combination of electrochemistry, microfluidic biosensors and mass spectrometry for analysis of limited sample quantities. The ultimate goal of single-cell analysis will be aimed at potential application in cancer detection.