Bioanalytical Instrumentation - František Foret
Bioanalytical Instrumentation - František Foret
Bioanalytical Instrumentation

PhD Topics

1. Application of modern microcolumn separation methods coupled to mass spectrometry for analysis of non-invasive biological samples

Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Petr Kubáň, Ph.D.
Consultants: Ing. František Foret, CSc.


Current clinical analysis relies mainly on the analysis of invasively acquired samples, such as blood, blood serum, blood plasma, cerebrospinal fluid etc. In recent years, the use of non-invasively acquired, alternative samples has seen a significant scientific interest since such a sample can be obtained easily and does not cause stress to the patient. Non-ivasive samples, such as saliva, sweat or exhaled breath condensate can serve as pools of selected biomarkers used to diagnose various disease conditions. For instance use of exhaled breath condensate samples the microdroplets of alveolar lining fluid that can contain information on the lung status. Recently there is an increased interest in the use of exosomes, that are in all bodily fluids including the non-invasive samples and carry along significant information. The use of highly selective microcolumn separation methods coupled to MS allow screening for these biomarkers in selected body fluid samples. The research of this PhD. topic will focus on developemnt of highly selective methods for isolation and analysis of various body samples, with emphasis on noninvasive samples and targeting biomarkers for disease daignostics and monitoring.

Keywords: non-invasive samples, microcolumn separation methods, targeting biomarkers, mass spectrometry