Biomolecular structure and dynamics by NMR


Guarantor: Radovan Fiala
Technology / Methodology: Others Research group: CF: Josef Dadok National NMR Centre

Detailed description:

Proteins of up to 200 amino acids, nucleic acids up to 50 nucleotides can be studied. The necessary concentrations are at least 0.1 mM for simple tests, 0.5 mM for more complex studies. Much depends on the molecular weight, folding etc. For solving 3D structures, isotope labeling with 15N and 13C is always needed for proteins and for oligonucleotides larger that approximately 30 nucleotides. Specialized methods, some of them developed in our laboratory, for charactering intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) are available. We can measure spectra with up to 5 dimensions to assign the protein backbone and sidechain resonances.