Cooperation with Application Sphere

Everyone in the world puts more and more emphasis on the quality of human life, health and wellbeing as a whole. A companies competitiveness on the market is greatly influenced by the existence, improvement, discovery and introduction of safe and limitless technologies, services and products. A key role in this dynamic process is both innovative research and development groups – independent and focused on universities or institutions of the type of the Czech Academy of Sciences and private companies involved in the implementation of outcomes of research and development work, including taking these outcomes to market.

Working parties specialising in establishing cooperation with the commercial sector, are in intensive contact with both CEITEC research teams and experts in the private sector and seek opportunities for exploiting the potential that CEITEC offers.

CEITEC has ambitions to become an R&D platform for international pharmaceutical, diagnostic, IT  and other companies. 

We believe that the individual CEITEC research teams will generate results which in collaboration with the commercial sector will contribute to improving quality of life and human health. We are ready for cooperation and we want you to be a good partner.