Developmental and Cell Biology of Plants - Tomasz Nodzynski
Developmental and Cell Biology of Plants - Tomasz Nodzynski

PhD Topics

1. Search for new regulators of intracellular trafficking in plants

Supervisor: Tomasz Nodzynski, Ph.D.

Consultant: Marta Zwiewka, Ph.D.

Annotation: Plants are the organisms providing oxygen for the biosphere being the fundamental element of food chain, therefore, basic understanding of molecular mechanisms guiding their growth is essential. A sessile life style of plants resulted in developing unique adaptation mechanisms enabling them to rapidly react to ever-changing environment and flexible adaptation of their postembryonic development. The partially permeable cell wall and the plasma membrane (PM) represent the interface that separates sensitive cell interior from the outside conditions. The integrity of PM lipid bilayer depends on an elaborate system of membrane delivery (exocytosis) and removal (endocytosis) coupled with PM protein removal and re-compartmentalization that is regulated by intracellular trafficking. Therefore, our overall aim is to uncover the molecular mechanisms regulating endocytic trafficking in plant cells.

Keywords: plants function, intracellular trafficking, endocytic trafficking regulations