Ester Jarour

Ester Jarour

Communications Lead

Job description

  • Design, management, and implementation of the institutional communication strategy
  • Strengthening of CEITEC brand and communication with stakeholders including press, general public, industry, education sector, government and scientific community in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Official spokesperson of the institution
  • Representation of the institution in international partnerships and alliances in the area of communication and public relations including membership and coordination of focus groups in EU-LIFE and Alliance4Life
  • Collaboration with CEITEC scientific community and administration with the aim to disseminate information about project outputs and events organized by the institute
  • Collaboration with CEITEC Grant Office concerning planning and execution of science communication and public relations related activities in projects
  • Cooperation with the Press Office of the Masaryk University and representation of the institute at the University level in the area of communication and public relations
  • Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative indicators related to communication and public relations


+420 54949 6271, +420 775 351 405
Office E35/166
Kamenice 753/5, Brno, 625 00
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