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Lecture: On post-transcriptional regulation of Arabidopsis auxin transport Lecture

13. 11. 15:00, 2018 room 305, building A11, University Campus Bohunice Christian Luschnig BOKU Vienna, Austria

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Školení - technika v zasedacích místnostech

13. 11. 13:30, 2018 místnost 211, budova A35 Jiří Šišma

Kdy: 13. listopadu 2018 13:30 Kde: 211 Nevíte si rady s technikou v zasedacích místnostech? Správce AV techniky pan Ing. Jiří Šišma ze Správy Univerzitního Kampusu nás krátce provede nastavením techniky v zasedací místnosti 211.   …

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Lecture: Minor spliceosome as a molecular switch to regulate cell growth Lecture

13. 11. 09:30, 2018 room 211, building A35 Mikko Frilander, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki

Molecular Medicine Seminars Poster for download is HERE.    

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Bioinformatics workshop – Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis using Galaxy Workshop

12. 11. 10:00 - 13. 11. 16:30, 2018 INBIT, room 1.1, Kamenice 34, University Campus Bohunice

Abstract: High-quality data analysis is essential for any successful high-throughput experiment. At the same time, many tools for the analysis are available only in a command line which is not accessible for everyone. Galaxy is an open source, web…

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Principal Investigator Seminar Series Lecture

9. 11. 13:00, 2018 room 205, building A11 Helene Robert Boisivon, Hormonal Crosstalk in Plant Development, CEITEC MU

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Come and see the lectures of PI´s from CEITEC MU, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science Characterisation of novel…

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Lecture: The role of cell wall components in stem cell proliferation Lecture

6. 11. 15:00, 2018 room 305, building A11, University Campus Bohunice Raymond Wightman SLCU Cambridge, UK

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Lecture: Investigation of cellular mechanisms to predict novel molecular targets of therapy for B-cell malignancies Lecture

6. 11. 09:30, 2018 room 211, building A35 Veronika Kozlova, CEITEC MU, Michal Smida group

Molecular Medicine Seminars Poster for download is HERE.    

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Self Leadership and Career Development for Young Scientists

6. 11. 08:00 - 8. 11. 16:00, 2018 CEITEC MU, Building A35

Course Content: Leadership and management, communication, relationships and conflicts in teamwork (across hierarchy), personality in leadership and teamwork, organising work (basics of time management and project management) oriented on research…

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Café Evropa v Brně Odliv mladých mozků – hrozba pro ČR? Out of CEITEC

5. 11. 17:00, 2018 Café+ Brno (Kobližná 4, Brno)

Zveme vás na debatu Café Evropa v regionech - Brno: Odliv mladých mozků. Hosty debatního podvečera v Brně budou:  Jiří Nantl,…

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Educational Course NeuroImaging: Mapping the function and structure of brain Workshop

5. 11. - 7. 11. 2018 room 145, CEITEC MU, University Campus Bohunice

PROGRAM Overview program Detailed program and other info You can look forward to: Processing and analysis of fMRI data Processing and…

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