Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope TESCAN LYRA3 (LYRA)


Guarantor: Tomáš Šamořil, Ph.D.
Technology / Methodology: Probe microscopy & Nanomanipulation
Instrument status: Operational Operational, 5.1.2020 20:47
Equipment placement: CEITEC Nano - C1.24
Research group: CF: CEITEC Nano

Detailed description:

SEM/FIB is a type of microscope where a focused electron/ion beam is scanned over the sample to generate an image of the surface or to modify it with nanometric resolution (usually better than 10 nm). The image is formed by detecting secondary and backscattered electrons emitted from the impact place of particle beam. The Gas Injection System (GIS) provides a gas inlet for gaseous precursors, thus allowing deposition and enhanced or selective etching on the sample surface using advanced surface chemistry. The microscope is equipped with two closed loop nanomanipulators (optionally two more can be installed), which allows measurement of 2-probe or 4-probe current-voltage characteristics. The tool is equipped with Electron Dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy analyser (EDX) for elemental analysis. Applications include positive/negative lithography, sample imaging and modification, electrical measurements and basic chemical and elemental analysis.


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