Functional Properties of Nanostructures - Josef Humlíček
Functional Properties of Nanostructures - Josef Humlíček


Prof. Václav Holý Prof. Václav Holý
Research Group Leader Senior

Research areas

  • Electronic and vibronic structure of materials and metamaterials
  • Optical spectroscopy and polarimetry of micro- and nanostructures
  • X-ray analysis of micro- and nanostructures

Main objectives

Investigation of the functional properties of nanostructures

Specification and optimization of the functional properties of nanostructures for nanoelectronics, nanophotonics and (bio)sensing, their correlation with geometrical/structural parameters of nanostructures and operational parameters.

Novel and unique properties of nanostructures not observable in conventional materials and microstructures which open ways to qualitatively new applications.

Physical properties of bulk materials, mainly those involved in the nanostructures.

Content of research

Investigation of the functional properties of nanostructures

The main goal is to find the correlation between the properties and the geometrical and structural parameters of nanostructures and to use this knowledge for feedback in the technology of their preparation and for various applications.

Self-assembled semiconductor nanostructures, fundamental electronic properties

Self-assembling processes in nanostructures of III-V semiconductors (e.g. self-assembled rings of InAs in the matrix of GaAs). A study of electronic structures aimed at optimizing their properties with respect to optoelectronic and transport applications, and analysis of the influence of capping layers.

Oxide superconductors and magnetics, transport at optical frequencies

Deposition of layered systems, nanostructures in systems of superconductors/magnetics.

An experimental and theoretical study of electronic and vibrational structures. Optimizing them with respect to sensor applications. Experimental determination of the electrical, thermal and magnetic properties of high-temperature superconductors and superlattices with respect to their structural characterization and chemical composition.