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Main Activity

Core Facility Genomics (CFG) offers genomic analysis service and access to up-to-date genomic instrumentation. Main technologies available at the facility are massively parallel sequencing (Illumina), single molecule nanopore sequencing, microarrays and high-throughput & digital PCR. Through cooperation with CEITEC Center of Molecular Medicine it is possible to access other instrumentation – cell sorter, flow cytometers or Laser Capture Microdissection.

Unique Features

Combination of high-end equipment and expertise for the complete experimental workflow from advanced sample preparation to complex genome analysis. Precise sample preparation techniques (cell sorting, microdissection) followed by combination of various complementary approaches in the analysis of the genome (massive parallel sequencing, microarrays, quantitative PCR) will make it possible to perform even very complex experimental designs including single cell genomics or diseased vs. healthy cells genome and transcriptome analyses.

Services and Methodologies Provided

• Next-generation sequencing (NGS)

• NGS library preparation

• NGS library quality control

• Single molecule nanopore sequencing

• Microarrays

• Flow cytometry

More detailed information ablout our services.

Key Equipment

• Massive parallel sequencers Illumina NextSeq and MiSeq

• Microarray system Agilent SureScan

• qPCR & digitalPCR

• Roche LC480

• ThermoScientific QuantStudio 12k

• Bio-Rad QX200

• Flow cytometry

• Beckton Dickinson FACS Aria Fusion

• Beckton Dickinson FACS Verse

• Single-cell

• Fluidigm C1

The Core Facility is part of National Center for Medical Genomics (NCMG) research infrastructure funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.



Head of Core Facility

Boris Tichý, Ph.D.
Boris Tichý, Ph.D.
Head of Core Facility
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Ivona Blaháková
Ivona Blaháková
Deputy Research Group Leader, Specialised Technician
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