Infrared microscope (FTIR) Hyperion 3000/Vertex 70V, Bruker


Research group:
Advanced Polymers and Composites - Josef Jančář

Infrared microscope (FTIR) Hyperion 3000/Vertex 70V, Bruker


• Instrument consists of a combination of Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer with infrared microscope.
• The microscope can provide infrared spectra of microscopic sample areas.
• MCT (Mercury Cadmium Telluride) and FPA (Focal Plane Array) detector allowing a user to collect either map (MCT) or image (FPA) a sample.
• The highlight of this microscope is the FPA detector that allows simultaneous rapid recording of 128x128 matrix of spectra.


• Analytical chemistry solutions for a wide variety of fields such as e.g. microelectronic devices, pharmacy, food, packaging, organic and inorganic chemistry, polymers, composites, surface treatments and coatings
• Identification of materials and their contaminant, failure and defect analysis


• spectral range 7500 … 600 cm-1
• spectral resolution 1 cm-1
• transmission, reflection and ATR units
• liquid nitrogen cooled MCT and FPA detectors
• infrared objective 15x
• ATR (Ge) objective 20x (diameter of crystal tip 100 μm)
• visible objective 4x
• binocular and video viewing
• motorized stage