20. Aug. 2019

Marek Mráz Discusses the Involvement of Young Haematologists in the EHA

We are happy to share the interview in the European Medical Journal with a doctor Marek Mráz, Research Group Leader at…

12. Aug. 2019

Farka: Výzkum je často o rivalitě, kdo přijde s objevem dřív

Podívejte se na videorozhovor se Zdeňkem Farkou, výzkumníkem v institutu CEITEC Masarykovy univerzity.  Farka coby absolvent…

8. Aug. 2019

Abilities of nanomaterials are fascinating, says leader of Advanced Low-dimensional Nanomaterials group Jan Macák

Fifteen years ago Jan Macák thought that in 2019 the area of his scientific interest would be completely exhausted and there wouldn’t be anything…

25. July 2019

Markus Dettenhofer pro SME: Proč v Evropě existují rozdíly ve výzkumu?

Co způsobuje rozdíly ve vědeckém výzkumu evropských zemí? Jak mohou země s různými podmínkami povýšit své výzkumy na top úroveň? …

1. July 2019

The plastic age with Josef Jančář

Are we at the end of plastic time? Modern society is undoubtedly dependent on plastics. But lately, the problem of their disposal has been…

24. June 2019

Creating new biomaterials is like doing puzzle, says Lucy Vojtová

Twenty years ago Lucy Vojtová was accepted to Columbia University in the United States to a postdoc position. Three years in US changed her life and…

3. June 2019

You just need to stop and look around yourself, says Martin Pumera. The new Research Group Leader at CEITEC

Renowned expert and one of the most cited chemists in the world Martin Pumera newly leads CEITEC BUT research group called Future Energy and…

6. May 2019

CEITEC hosted a lecture by the pioneer of Fracture Nanomechanics

As part of the CEITEC BUT Seminar Series focused on advanced materials and nanotechnologies recently welcomed a renowned expert in Fracture…

27. Mar. 2019

Brazilian researcher got to CEITEC BUT by chance. Now he plans to prolong his stay and deepen the Czech-Brazilian cooperation

High expertise in the field of EPR has CEITEC BUT gained last year thanks to Vinicius Santana. Brazilian researcher was looking for a postdoc…

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