Jiří Sedmík

Jiří Sedmík

PhD Student


Phone: +420 54949 8505
Research group: ERA Chair - RNA and Immunity - Mary O´Connell, RNA Quality Control - Štěpánka Vaňáčová

30. Mar. 2020

Researchers From CEITEC Found Important Links Behind Rare Neurological Disease

An international team of researchers including Jiri Sedmik and Liam Keegan, led by Research Group Leader Mary O´Connell from CEITEC Masaryk…

2. Mar. 2020

Doctoral Students from CEITEC Masaryk University Presented Their Research Results at CEITEC PhD Conference

On 10 February 2020 at the CEITEC PhD Conference, the scientific community and the general public learned about the scientific directions that…

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  • Generation of stable cell lines for the screening of inhibitors of the ADAR enzymes, Masarykova univerzita, 2020 - 2021
  • Polyadenylation and mechanisms of nuclear RNA quality control (084316/Z/07/Z), Wellcome Trust, 2008 - 2018
  • Proměna endosymbionta na organelu (GA13-29423S), Grantová agentura ČR, 2013 - 2016
  • Functional and biochemical characterization of Dis3L2, the third mammalian homolog of the key yeast exosome nuclease Dis3p (GAP305/11/1095), Grantová agentura ČR, 2011 - 2014