Kateřina Vlková

PR and Marketing Assistant


Phone: +420 54114 9653, + 420 778 723 433
Department: PR and Marketing, Operating unit

Job description

  • website management
  • providing promotional materials, brochures and leaflets
  • internal communication, organization and assistance at conferences, seminars and workshops
  • assistance in the processing of presentations about CEITEC
  • supervision of the observance of CEITEC visual identity

10. Dec. 2019

The EPR International School Welcomed over 140 Participants from Around the World

Electron paramagnetic resonance has led to many scientific breakthroughs in a wide range of scientific fields over the past two decades, such as in…

11. Sept. 2019

The International School on Magnetism Is Organized by CEITEC This Year. The Topic Is Experimental Techniques

For a hundred students and experts from around the world, CEITEC Brno University of Technology is preparing a twelve-day program to mark the…

18. May 2019

The Prestige of the Czech-German Nanotechnology Conference at CEITEC Was Underscored by the Participation of Significant Guests

About 150 participants, 4 scientific panels and 2 days of lectures and discussions. Guests from the Czech Republic and Germany started their program…

17. Apr. 2019

Scientists Have Discovered How Vertebral Neck Muscles Are Formed. Thanks to the Institute Pasteur and CEITEC Cooperation

Almost three years of collaboration between scientists from the Institute Pasteur and the CEITEC BUT has already produced concrete results and…

3. Apr. 2019

The European Center of Excellence for Industrial Robotics and Artificial Intelligence - RICAIP is being created

Utilization of artificial intelligence, decentralized laboratory connection, and networking for application development and validation in the modern,…

22. Feb. 2019

CEITEC Student Talent supports talented high school students

Attract and inspire young talents for science. This is the aim of the new program, which has been gradually formed since last year at CEITEC Brno…

1. Oct. 2018

Pavel Pořízka: It is important to travel, gain experience and get international contacts even during studies

Pavel Porizka managed to make use of international internship opportunities that university studies provide and thus became independent on his…

20. July 2018

I see my role at CEITEC BUT in creating alliances with companies, says Jiří Očadlík

For several years Jiří Očadlík served as the director of the world-famous Brno-based company FEI (now Thermo Fischer Scientific) producing electron…

9. July 2018

The world's leading science nanotechnology scientists are heading to Brno

Up to 400 scientists from around the world will be invited to the ICN+T conference in Brno from 22 to 27 July 2018. The international forum will…

18. Apr. 2018

Student Petr Lepcio succeeded with his work on the aggregation of polymeric nanoparticles

Petr Lepcio is currently in the fourth year of PhD studies at CEITEC BUT. Under the leadership of Professor Josef Jančar, he is active in the group…

11. Apr. 2018

BUT Juniors at CEITEC have tried silicon cutting and other experiments

Every one Saturday in month, the BUT faculty prepares a program for small scientific hopes, which allow it to explore a variety of areas of science…

8. Feb. 2018

Six new research groups on advanced materials and nanotechnologies are emerging at CEITEC

Since January 2018, four research groups have started their activities at CEITEC BUT. Two more foreign leaders will join them at the beginning of…

13. Dec. 2017

Petr Neugebauer returns to Brno with a scientific grant of EUR 2 mil

At the CEITEC BUT in Brno, another ERC grant, one of the most prestigious grants awarded by the European Commission, will be resolved in January.…

9. Nov. 2017

Scientists from CEITEC BUT are coordinators of the prestigious FET Open project

BRNO, November, 13 – Highly original, visionary, essential for society's needs and development. These are the conditions which must be met by the…

28. Aug. 2017

Professor Vojtech Adam is the new holder of the prestigious ERC grant

BRNO - The chance of getting a prestigious ERC grant from the European Research Council is only about 10 percent per year from around the world. New…

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