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Technician Position | Published on 22.04.2020 | CEITEC MU

The Director of Central European Institute of Technology

(CEITEC MU) opens a position


LABORATORY technician



Research group description: We use molecular biology and protein expression in E. coli and yeast cells, tissue cultures, X-ray crystallography, and cryo-electron microscopy to study structures of bacterial and eukaryotic RNA polymerases, ribosomes and viruses. We investigate macromolecular interactions between RNA polymerase and ribosome associated with transcription-translation coupling. Our efforts are directed to discover novel gene regulation mechanisms and advance our current understanding of bacterial and viral gene expression using structural information.

Job description: We are looking for a highly motivated colleague to fill the position of laboratory technician. Good interpersonal skills, basic knowledge of English, and ability to communicate in Czech are required. You will be involved in daily management of the laboratory, purchasing chemicals and equipment, and performing laboratory tasks including production and purification of RNA polymerases, ribosomes and viruses. You will be required to work with certain bacterial cell lines and viruses in conditions of BSL2 and BSL3 containment.



  • working with microorganisms, molecular cloning, transformation of E. coli, virus production
  • preparation of buffers and media
  • propagation of mammalian cell lines
  • computer literacy, MS-word, excel
  • English at B1 level or better, excellent command of Czech
  • experience in transcription, translation or structural biology field is a plus

We offer:

  • An attractive salary and benefits package
  • Support in learning and development
  • 6 weeks of paid holiday


Anticipated start date: negotiable, July-August of 2020

Please send the CV and a short motivation letter including description of previous research and technical skills till June 5th, 2020 to

Please quote the “Technician in transcription-translation coupling” in the subject.


For further information about:

Start date: upon agreement, July - August 2020
Opened Until: 5.6.2020

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