Markus Dettenhofer, Ph.D.

Markus Dettenhofer, Ph.D.

Executive director


Mobile: 777015445
Department: Central management structure

Job description

  • The highest representative of CEITEC in charge of the Coordination Board for the fulfillment of the tasks and objectives of the CEITEC Project
  • Responsible for the overall management of the CEITEC Project
  • Identifies the basic direction of the scientific orientation and objectives
  • Proposes to the Coordination Board the annual management documents (Project Activity Plan, Project Activity Report)
  • Provides a Joint Assessment of Scientific Excellence
  • Responsible for all employment relationships within the Central Management Structure
  • Manages relationships with Project Partners
  • Responsible for managing joint activities and communicating the Project
  • Participates in research and development activities

8. Jan. 2020

How Is Science Responsible for a Better Society?

Fire was not invented in a day. Smallpox was not eradicated with a mere move of a magic wand. They required a combination of critical observation,…

27. Sept. 2019

1st Annual CEITEC Postdoc Retreat

To celebrate International Postdoc Appreciation Week (held during the 3rd week of September), postdocs at CEITEC Masaryk University hosted the 1st…

25. July 2019

Markus Dettenhofer pro SME: Proč v Evropě existují rozdíly ve výzkumu?

Co způsobuje rozdíly ve vědeckém výzkumu evropských zemí? Jak mohou země s různými podmínkami povýšit své výzkumy na top úroveň? …

13. June 2018

Markus Dettenhofer: Critical Mass of Skills is the Key to Plugging Europe’s Research Gap

Markus Dettenhofer, executive director of the Central European Institute of Technology, expressed his views about needs to attract and retain…

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