Orthopaedics and Surgery - Pavel Proks
Orthopaedics and Surgery - Pavel Proks


Pavel Proks, Ph.D. Pavel Proks, Ph.D.
Research group leader

Research areas

  • Small animal orthopaedics, bone and joint surgery, arthroscopy
  • Congenital and acquired vertebral anomalies in animals
  • Development and ex vivo and in vivo testing of biocompatible materials for possible implantations into defects of musculoskeletal and soft tissues


Content of research

Analysis of the causes, mechanisms and spread of infectious diseases in domestic animals

The main objective is to evaluate the clinical manifestations and to make analyses of the causes of infections in surgically treated bone and joint diseases in model animals. Despite high quality care in small animal orthopaedics, we encounter, in a certain number of patients, the development of infectious disease. The aim of this study will be to analyse the causes of infections of bones and joints in surgically treated model animals and based on the obtained results, to contribute to possible reduction of infection complications in operated patients in veterinary and human medicine.

Host genetics and comparative immugenomics

The objective is to evaluate characteristics of clinical manifestations of bone and joint infections in relation to surgical procedures in animal models for purposes of genetic analysis.