PhD Position – Structural Biology of Coupled Transcription-Translation

Research Position | Published on 03.02.2020 | CEITEC MU

Supervisor: Gabriel Demo

Topic description:

OBJECTIVES: The research aims to unravel the fundamental mechanism of the transcription-translation coupling in bacteria. These studies will significantly advance the current understanding how the lead ribosome closely trails the RNA polymerase (RNAP), thus promoting pause-free transcription, mRNA quality and efficient gene expression in bacteria.

FOCUS: Doctoral research projects focus on the mechanistic details and functional outcomes of coupled transcription-translation in bacteria. Students benefit from the shared cutting-edge core facilities of CEITEC that include (i) X-ray crystallography – crystallization robot Mosquito, Rigaku crystal hotel and diffraction system, (ii) cryo-EM equipment - Versa 3D dual beam microscope, Titan Krios and F20 electron microscopes (iii) High-field NMR systems, and (iv) biomolecular interactions equipment - confocal microscopes, near-field optical microscope (SNOM), surface plasmon resonance, microcalorimetric equipment.

Open PhD Positions:

  • Structural and functional identification of factors required to couple transcription and translation in bacteria
  • Structal studies of various states of direct and bridged transcription-translation coupling in vitro and in vivo


We are seeking a Ph.D. candidate who holds MSc. in molecular biology or biochemistry and run the biochemical assays, or who was trained in structural biology, mainly single-particle cryo-EM or cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET). The candidate should be able to purify the components for structural studies of transcription-translation coupling and run the biochemical assays. The candidate should be a motivated person with collaborative mindset.

Detailed information available at:

Conditions and contact:

Starting date: September 2020

Complete applications can be submitted: until 24 February 2020

To apply please contact

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Start date: September 2020
Opened Until: 24.2.2020

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