Prof. Jaroslav Koča

Research Group Leader Senior


Phone: +420 54949 4947, +420 54949 2685, +420 54949 2685
Research group: Computational Chemistry - Jaroslav Koča

26. Oct. 2020

Jaroslav Koca Will Be the New Chairman of the Czech Science Foundation (GA CR)

Professor Jaroslav Koca, Scientific Director of the CEITEC consortium, was appointed by the government of the Czech Republic to serve as the new…

12. July 2019

Visit of Uteerat Chareontoh, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand at CEITEC BUT

CEITEC Brno University of Technology visited Her Excellency Uteerat Chareontoh to discuss with our institute the possibility of working with…

5. Oct. 2018

New path to more gentle tuberculosis treatment

Researchers at CEITEC MU have defined a new goal for those looking for new ways to fight tuberculosis. Their research makes it possible to…

29. Jan. 2018

Interview with Jaroslav Koča about Czech Science Foundation

Perhaps not everyone knows that apart from the function of scientific director at CEITEC you have also a very important position within the Czech…

19. Dec. 2017

A new CEITEC MU software provides a breakthrough in working with biological databases

Press release, Brno, December 19, 2017 A new software application that works as a virtual microscope for molecules and molecular complexes was…

2. Jan. 2017

Shared Technologies and Instrumentation as a Way to Joint Success / CEITEC MU and Vienna Research Centres Offer Joint Services

The catalogue of services that will be jointly offered to corporations and academic institutions will be compiled by CEITEC Masaryk University in…

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