Somsuvro Basu, Ph.D.

Somsuvro Basu, Ph.D.

Science Communication Officer


Phone: +420 54949 6934
Department: Central management structure

Job description

  • Manages the consortium’s science magazine (online and print) CEITEC Connect
  • Writes and edits articles showcasing exciting research stories of CEITEC,  as well as current science trends and policies
  • Coordinates interviews with CEITEC scientists to develop bite-size research highlights on recently published scientific articles
  • Co-chair, EU-LIFE Science Communication working-group: coordination of CEITEC’s activities within the Sci-comms working group

8. Jan. 2020

How Is Science Responsible for a Better Society?

Fire was not invented in a day. Smallpox was not eradicated with a mere move of a magic wand. They required a combination of critical observation,…

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