Synbiosis Project

CEITEC Life Sciences on behalf of Masaryk University participates in the Poject SynBIOsis – Maximizing Synergies for Central European Biotech Infrastructures, which has been funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development and became the first ever project in the field of Regions of Knowledge, which is coordinated from the Czech Republic. The project SynBIOsis aims at setting up a model for collaboration between the academic and commercial spheres in order to foster the knowledge and technology transfer and research results exploitation.

A component of the Project is transfer of experience from developed European bio-regions, in which cutting-edge research infrastructures comprise a substantial part of knowledge, innovation and economic development. The partner region in SynBIOsis is the North Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In the Project’s first analytical phase the partners will conduct a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the current state, and the actual transfer of knowledge and experience will follow. The closing phase is creation of a Joint Action Plan which, on the basis of the existing outputs of the project, will suggest directions for further collaboration of the two regions and sources for its financing. The local governments of the partner regions will also be involved in preparing the Action Plan.

The largest benefit for the South Moravian Region will be enlightenment from the experience of the European top class research infrastructures with the knowledge transfer to the application sphere.

The Project SynBIOsis involves 7 partners both from South Moravia and Northern Italy. South Moravian partners are Masaryk University, the association of companies CEITEC Cluster – bioinformatics, and the Project Coordinator is The South Moravian Innovation Center. Italian partners are Area Science Park Trieste, synchrotron ELETTRA, CBM – Cluster in Molecular Biomedicine, and the innovative company APE Research.

The Project earned a grant of 1 million EUR from the FP7 Regions of Knowledge priority. The extent of the Project is Europe-wide, which anticipates on various levels collaboration with other developed European bio-regions, e.g. Cambridge, England; Health Valley East Netherlands; Vienna, Austria; Genopole Biopark, France; or Heidelberg Biotech cluster, Germany. The project started in September 2009 and will last for 36 months.

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Synbiosis featured in the International Innovation magazine

The project and its main outcomes are featured in the current issue of International Innovation, edited by Research Media ltd.

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Final Conference SynBIOsis

WHEN: 29 May 2012
WHERE: Commitee of the Regions, Brussels

The scope of the conference was to present the results of the FP7 project SynBIOsis of which Masaryk University (CEITEC) is one of beneficiaries. The project has allowed to progressively create a solid cooperation between universities, research driven clusters and businesses. These good practices, already tested in two involved regions of South Moravia (Brno) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (Trieste) can likely contribute in optimizing the utilization of the European Structural Funds earmarked for research and innovation.

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