Vojtěch Helikar

Vojtěch Helikar

Business development manažer CEITEC BUT- Senior business consultant


Phone: +420 778 465 742, + 420 728 995 850
Department: Operating unit

Industry 4.0 Conference Conference

14. 11. 2019 JIC

More information about the conference find in Czech version. 

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Future Port Prague 2019

10. 9. - 11. 9. 2019 Prague Exhibition Grounds

September 10, at 10:25: Sensing Nature for Technology Solutions (Markus Dettenhofer) The pace of change has never been as fast as now and…

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Research2Business: Dr. Ronen Kreizman (YEDA Institute) Workshop

22. 8. 2019, 14:00 - 15:00 CEITEC, Brno University of Technology (Large meeting room) Dr. Ronen Kreizman

The topic of the workshop is "Research to Business", focusing on innovation, technology transfer, commercialization of IP and best practices of the…

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