Mode of access to the X-ray diffraction and Bio-SAXS Core Facility

Full-Service Mode

All X-ray CF equipment operates in Full-Service Mode.

The equipment of the X-ray diffraction and Bio-SAXS Core Facility (X-ray CF) is available to both CEITEC and external users (academic and commercial). The user can use the infrastructure only in a manner

  • instruments operated by Core Facility staff.

Some devices in CFs of CEITEC are operated only by CF staff and their device time is offered to users as a service (= in the so-called "Full-Service Mode"). Services on this type of devices are requested through a booking system under the Tickets and New Ticket tabs, where the user fills in information about the sample, the required mode of the experiment, etc. The user is then contacted by staff, with whom he then agrees on the preparation of the sample, its delivery to the CF and other details related to the measurement, preparation of the experiment and / or evaluation of experimental data.

Booking system

Direct access  to the booking system for registered users.


Registration to the booking system for unregistered users.

Head of Core Facility

Jaromír Marek, Ph.D.
Jaromír Marek, Ph.D.
Head of Core Facility
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