All devices of the Central Laboratory of X-ray diffraction and Bio-SAXS (X-ray CF) are operated in the so-called Full-Service Mode, ie

     device operated by central laboratory staff.

Full-Service Mode

All X-ray CF equipment operates in Full-Service Mode.

Experimental time on X-ray CF instrumentation is offered to both CEITEC users and external users (academic and commercial) exclusively in the form of so-called services. Service is requested through the booking system of the X-ray CF under the Tickets and New Ticket tabs.

Booking system

Direct access  to the booking system for registered users.

In the booking system, the user of the X-ray CF selects from the list of standard services:

  • SM diffraction - single-crystal diffraction experiment with a small-molecule crystal (= not with protein single crystal), performed to determine the unknown 3-D structure of the studied small molecule
  • SM finalization - modification of the CIF file with a preliminary structural model of the small molecule into a form usable e.g. as an appendix to a scientific publication
  • bioSAXS experiment - acquisition of SAXS (Small Angle X-ray Scattering) data on protein in solution
  • bioSAXS analysis - analysis of biological SAXS data
  • SAXS - nano - SAXS data acquisition on nanomaterials in transmision mode. Samples could be in solid, in powder or suspensions of nanoparicles.

More complex services, eg diffraction experiments with crystals of biomacromolecules associated with the subsequent solving of protein structures by MR, MIR, SAD, MRSAD and/or MAD methods, assistance during synchrotron diffraction and SAXS experiments, consultation and assistance with experimental data analysis, training courses, etc. are provided by request.

Head of Core Facility

Jaromír Marek, Ph.D.
Jaromír Marek, Ph.D.
Head of Core Facility
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