Zuzana Pospíšilová

Zuzana Pospíšilová

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5. Jan. 2021

There Are Still Plenty of Materials That Haven't Been Created Yet, Believes Hermann Detz

Developing and studying new materials that could be used in future generation devices. That is one of the focuses of Hermann Detz and his research…

7. Oct. 2020

We Appreciate That We Are a Bridge Between Life and Material Sciences, Says New Leader of the Research Group Vojtěch Adam

Professor Vojtěch Adam became the new leader of the Smart Nanodevices research group at CEITEC BUT in September. The head of the Institute…

8. July 2020

A CEITEC Team Designed a New Way of Preparation of Nanostructures with a Unique Geometric Structure

Publication dealing with the preparation of nanostructures with a unique geometric structure by the team of Dr. Jan Čechal from CEITEC BUT was…

15. June 2020

Colombian Student Investigates Biphasic Photocatalysis to Help Clean Polluted Water

To study the influence of acid and base catalyzed sol-gel synthesis over the biphasic TiO2 anatase-brookite xerogels formation is the primary…

17. May 2020

CEITEC Student Investigates the Use of Nanorobots in the Transport of Substances into Cells

In her dissertation and specific research, Alžběta Ressnerová from the research group Smart Nanodevices deals with the connection of technology and…

3. May 2020

Student from CEITEC Develops an Accurate and Affordable Bioanalyzer for Surgeries and Patients

Jan Zítka, a doctoral student from CEITEC Brno University of Technology, wants to simplify and make basic blood diagnostics easier with his Point-of…

2. Apr. 2020

Revolutionary Processing of Waste and Energy Transfer Materials. There Are Two New MSCA Fellowship Holders at CEITEC

Prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship received two researchers from Martin Pumera´s research group Future Energy and Innovation. Although Christian…

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