2D Nanomaterials Electrochemistry

  • Project coordinator: doc. RNDr. Martin Pumera, Ph.D.
  • Institution: Brno University of Technology
  • Project title: 2D Nanomaterials Electrochemistry
  • Project type: Grant projects of excellence in basic research EXPRO
  • Solution period:: 1. 1. 2019 - 31. 12. 2023
  • Poskytovatel: Czech Science Agency
  • Financial Support:  49 586 000 CZK


The overall aim of this project is to develop fundamental understating of the electrochemistry of the layered and 2D materials. These materials include monoelemental materials, such as layered pnictogens (black phosphorus, layered arsenic, antimony and bismuth); binary materials such as layered transition metal dichalcogenides, MXenes, and ternary materials such as metal phosphorus chalcogenides and and their monolayer (2D) counterparts. We will find the answers to profound basic electrochemical questions regarding layered and 2D materials, such as: A) What is the edge vs. basal plane electroactivity? What are general underlying rules? B) What is the influence of crystal structures on the electroactivity? Why? C) What is the size confinement effect on electrocatalysis? D) What is the influence of atomic composition variation of the materials on the electrochemistry? E) What is the role of heteroatom dopants, impurities and vacancies in the lattice of 2D materials on their electrochemistry and electrocatalysis? F) What is the influence of materials curvature on electrochemistry?

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