Welcome Office

What does it mean?

  • We help to minimize a bureaucracy that new CEITEC employees may struggle with in institutions in the Czech Republic. This is how we help scientists to concentrate on scientific work and we are a support for them in a challenging process of relocation to a new country. We are a first contact with CEITEC for a new foreign employees and we take our role conscientiously and always with a smile on our face.
  • We provide service to foreign employees and students even before their arrival to the Czech Republic and we offer help not just to them, but also to their family members.
  • We also take care of foreign employees throughout their stay at CEITEC. What do we help with? Determining the type of visa necessary for the stay in the Czech Republic, we help in searching for accommodation or in practical matters related to the life in Brno and in many other things.
  • After his/her arrival, we accompany a new employee to the Foreign Police Office and to other relevant authorities and institutions and we can also help with insurance and other important matters.


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