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17. 7. 2018

Statement by Alliance4Life on Proposal for Horizon Europe

CEITEC MU as a leading institution of Alliance4Life innitiative formed, with its partners, a statement on proposal for Horizon Europe – a €100 billion european research and innovation programme that will…

9. 7. 2018

The world's leading science nanotechnology scientists are heading to Brno.…

Up to 400 scientists from around the world will be invited to the ICN+T conference in Brno from 22 to 27 July 2018. The international forum will provide a platform for discussing the latest trends or discoveries in…

26. 6. 2018

Neurologist Irena Rektorová about brain structures, pathological proteins,…

In newspaper Lidové noviny from Saturday, June 23, 2018, you can find an interview with a neurologist from CEITEC MU - Irena Rektorová. Irena Rektorová, a neuroscience professor, talks about Alzheimer's disease,…

26. 6. 2018

Pavel Plevka for TÉMA magazine: Virus. Enemy and friend.

Pavel Plevka, a virologist from CEITEC MU, provided an interview for TÉMA magazine. Pavel Plevka's research could be a basis for the treatment of tick-borne encephalitis, rhinitis, or disease causing the death of bees.…

26. 6. 2018

Scientific thriller: Earth needs to be saved!

Within PASSAGE project, CEITEC MU cooperates with VIB and their outcomes can contribute to saving the planet. The main goal of this project is to strengthen excellence and relevance of research at…

21. 6. 2018

Zdeněk Farka received the Young Scientist Award from the Nobel Prize winner

The scientist Zdeněk Farka from the research group of Petr Skládal was awarded the Young Scientist Award at the French Ambassadors. The prize was handed over by the Nobel Prize winner Jean-Marie Lehn. The…



SEMINAR with Prof. Aida Rodriguez

from 19. 7. 2018 to 19. 7. 2018


ICN+T 2018

from 22. 7. 2018 to 27. 7. 2018

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