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12. 1. 2021

Martin Pumera Among the Most Cited Scientists in the World

Last year, a group of authors associated with PLoS Biology, Elsevier and Stanford University published a list of 2% of the world's most cited scientists. A total of 359 of them work at Czech research institutions.…

7. 1. 2021

The Unique Device Will Allow the Study of the Materials at the Microscopic…

Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) is an important tool in science, enabling researchers to gain deeper insights into the structure and function of different materials, yet classical methods have relatively low…

5. 1. 2021

There Are Still Plenty of Materials That Haven't Been Created Yet,…

Developing and studying new materials that could be used in future generation devices. That is one of the focuses of Hermann Detz and his research group of Epitaxial Materials and Nanostructures from CEITEC BUT.…

4. 1. 2021

Recruitment Policy as a Tool for Scientific Excellence

CEITEC is a centre of scientific excellence and its goal is to produce high quality basic research results that will be published in prestigious and highly cited journals. But what is the secret of excellent research?…



from 10. 2. 2021 to 10. 2. 2021

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Brain Stimulation as a New Form of Biohacking

from 25. 3. 2021 to 25. 3. 2021

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