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10. 9. 2020

Michaela Krafcikova Received Jean-Marie Lehn Award in Chemistry

Michaela Krafcikova, a doctoral student at the National Center for Biomolecular Research at Masaryk University (MU) who is conducting research in Lukas Trantirek's research group at CEITEC MU and at the Institute…

19. 8. 2020

CEITEC Awarded By the Mayor of Brno for Help During the Pandemic

Solidarity and immediacy. This was, among other things, highlighted by the mayor of the city of Brno, Markéta Vaňková, at the closing ceremony of the campaign Díky, Brno! (Thanks, Brno!). Science centers were also…

12. 8. 2020

The Chemical Consequences of the Special Theory of Relativity in Nuclear…

A team of scientists led by Research Group Leader Radek Marek from CEITEC Masaryk University summarized the current knowledge of relativistic effects of heavy atoms on resonance frequencies of the neighboring light…

5. 8. 2020

New European Project Develops Technology to Solve Two Growing Problems:…

A new EU-wide project was launched in May to pave the way for next-generation intelligent sensing for health and automotive solutions. In health care, the EUR 30 million project, will improve early detection and…



The Czech Plant Nucleus Workshop

from 29. 9. 2020 to 30. 9. 2020


Workshop on BioAFM Microscopy

from 1. 10. 2020 to 1. 10. 2020

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Science Party Brno 2020: Energy

from 2. 10. 2020 to 2. 10. 2020

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Open House Brno 2020: CEITEC MU

from 10. 10. 2020 to 10. 10. 2020

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