20. July 2018

I see my role at CEITEC in creating alliances with companies, says Jiří Očadlík

For several years Jiří Očadlík served as the director of the world-famous Brno-based company FEI (now Thermo Fischer Scientific) producing electron…

18. July 2018

Plant mothers talk to their embryos via the hormone auxin

Scientists solve long-standing question about signal that regulates embryo development – Study in Nature Plants While pregnancy in humans and seed…

17. July 2018

Statement by Alliance4Life on Proposal for Horizon Europe

CEITEC MU as a leading institution of Alliance4Life innitiative formed, with its partners, a statement on proposal for Horizon Europe – a …

9. July 2018

The world's leading science nanotechnology scientists are heading to Brno. Because of the ICN+T conference

Up to 400 scientists from around the world will be invited to the ICN+T conference in Brno from 22 to 27 July 2018. The international forum will…

26. June 2018

Neurologist Irena Rektorová about brain structures, pathological proteins, beneficial movement and science that is not here yet

In newspaper Lidové noviny from Saturday, June 23, 2018, you can find an interview with a neurologist from CEITEC MU - Irena Rektorová. Irena…

26. June 2018

Pavel Plevka for TÉMA magazine: Virus. Enemy and friend.

Pavel Plevka, a virologist from CEITEC MU, provided an interview for TÉMA magazine. Pavel Plevka's research could be a basis for the treatment of…

21. June 2018

Zdeněk Farka received the Young Scientist Award from the Nobel Prize winner

The scientist Zdeněk Farka from the research group of Petr Skládal was awarded the Young Scientist Award at the French Ambassadors. The prize…

13. June 2018

Markus Dettenhofer: Critical Mass of Skills is the Key to Plugging Europe’s Research Gap

Markus Dettenhofer, executive director of the Central European Institute of Technology, expressed his views about needs to attract and retain…

12. June 2018

Scientists from CEITEC BUT also use the microCT to investigate skull injuries

In collaboration with the Laboratory of Morphology and Forensic Anthropology (LaMorFA) of Masaryk University, scientists from the Materials…

12. June 2018

Monika Dolejska from CEITEC VFU Brno awarded by the L'Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science

Press Releaser, Brno 4.6.2018; Congratulation to Monika Dolejska from CEITEC VFU, who recieved the L´Oréal-UNESCO Woman in Science…

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