1. Apr. 2020

Maternal Depression During Pregnancy Is Linked to Atypical Aging of the Offspring's Brain

Brain researcher Klara Mareckova from the Milan Brazdil’s Research Group discovered that maternal depressive symptoms during pregnancy are associated…

31. Mar. 2020

Revolutionary Processing Of Waste And Energy Transfer Materials. There Are Two New MSCA Fellowship Holders At CEITEC BUT

Prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship received two researchers from Martin Pumera´s research group Future Energy and Innovation. Although Christian…

31. Mar. 2020

CEITEC Masarykovy univerzity začal testovat na koronavirus vzorky z nemocnice

Kvůli čekání na potřebné chemikálie vyvinuli odborníci z institutu CEITEC Masarykovy univerzity také novou metodu izolace genetické informace…

30. Mar. 2020

Fighting Bacteria With Antimicrobial Peptides

A team of scientists from CEITEC Masaryk University, led by Robert Vacha from CEITEC MU, recently discovered how the flexibility…

30. Mar. 2020

Researchers From CEITEC MU Found Important Links Behind Rare Neurological Disease

An international team of researchers including Jiri Sedmik and Liam Keegan, led by Research Group Leader Mary O´Connell from CEITEC Masaryk…

30. Mar. 2020

Komentář pro ČRo: Jak koronavirus omezuje brněnskou vědu?

Zahraniční kolegové, kteří nemůžou přijet pracovat. Sbírání dat v terénu, které se nemůže uskutečnit. Ale také více času na teoretickou přípravu…

30. Mar. 2020

Adrian Krainer, the Scientist Who Brought Hope to Thousands of Children, Shared his Experience With Students

In the beginning of March, world-renowned biochemist, Adrian Krainer, shared the journey of his scientific career and his research results with…

27. Mar. 2020

New Twinning Grant Will Further Strenghten the RNA Research Community in Brno

CEITEC Masaryk University has succeeded in the prestigious European Horizon 2020 Twinning call. The three-year institutional networking…

26. Mar. 2020

CEITEC BUT Prints Protective Shields With FabLab. Problem Is The Lack Of 3D Printers

The Brno digital workshop FabLab, in cooperation with the "3D printing initiative against COVID19", has become a headquarters for the assembly of…

26. Mar. 2020

CEITEC Masaryk University Offers Its Laboratories For Coronavirus Research Free Of Charge

Time is the most important factor in the fight against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Large research infrastructures in the Czech Republic, such as CEITEC…

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