24. Feb. 2021

#CEITECScience Matters: Zdenek Farka

On the occasion of the CEITEC 10th anniversary (have you wished?), we would like to present you to why our research and work is important and…

23. Feb. 2021

Another Holder Of The Prestigious ERC In Brno. CEITEC Attracted A Top Foreign Scientist

Eric D. Glowacki's research is directly motivated by applications in medicine. His ERC Grant deals with groundbreaking research and development…

22. Feb. 2021

CEITEC PhD Conference 2021: Doctoral Students from CEITEC are Addressing Major Societal Challenges

The CEITEC PhD Conference is an annual event where doctoral students from CEITEC PhD School present the results of their research. The event is open…

22. Feb. 2021

Reportáž ČT: Roboti

Uplynulo století od chvíle, kdy poprvé zaznělo slovo "robot". Karel Čapek jej spolu s bratrem Josefem vymysleli pro vědecko-fantstické drama R.U…

18. Feb. 2021

Phage Structure Determined at CEITEC Was Pictured in the February Issue of National Geographic

The February 2021 issue of the National Geographic magazine devoted to viruses and how they shape our world pictures the three-dimensional structure…

17. Feb. 2021

Peptidy mohou zkrotit bakterie rezistentní k antibiotikům

Odborníci z MU získali v prosinci hned tři granty ERC Consolidator. V rozhovoru s biofyzikem Robertem Váchou si přečtěte o …

13. Feb. 2021

Ceny města Brna získaly osobnosti spjaté s CEITEC

Město Brno ocenilo sedm lidí, kteří působí či působili na MU, nebo jsou jejími absolventy, a to včetně osob spjatých s CEITEC. Celkem patnáct…

11. Feb. 2021

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021: Women's Achievements 2020

The United Nations have proclaimed February 11 the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This Day is a reminder that women and girls…

8. Feb. 2021

Alliance4Life´s Recommendations for Horizon Europe: WIDENING PARTICIPATION AND STRENTHENING THE ERA

Press Release; Alliance4Life, in line with its mission to stimulating institutional changes and having a say in the field of EU research and…

5. Feb. 2021

"Doing a PhD in a multicultural research group is extremely enriching," says Jiri Sedmik

29-years old Jiri Sedmik recently completed his doctoral studies in the research group of the Irish scientist Mary O'Connell at CEITEC Masaryk…

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