15. Oct. 2018

CEITEC BUT PhD student mapped the 3D-cell distribution in tissues of a developing salamander

It is generally known that if the salamander loses its limb, it will be renewed. The regeneration capability of salamanders and other amphibians was…

14. Oct. 2018

A young scientist from the IPM has been awarded the fellowship in the field of electron microscopy

Milan Heczko from the Institute of Physics of Materials (IPM) has been awarded the Thermo Fisher Scientific & Czechoslovak Microscopic Society…

10. Oct. 2018

New CEITEC BUT project improves bioactive hemostatics and wound coverage from renewable sources

Under the lead of Lucy Vojtová a team of experts from the Biomaterials Team of Advanced Polymers and Composites group will focus on new…

5. Oct. 2018

New path to more gentle tuberculosis treatment

Researchers at CEITEC MU have defined a new goal for those looking for new ways to fight tuberculosis. Their research makes it possible to…

1. Oct. 2018

Pavel Porizka from CEITEC BUT: It is important to travel, gain experience and get international contacts even during studies

Pavel Porizka managed to make use of international internship opportunities that university studies provide and thus became independent on his…

27. Sept. 2018

The RICAIP project can contribute to the development of Industry 4.0 in Brno. The first phase was successfully completed

RICAIP, the Research and Innovation Center for Advanced Industrial Production, is the project of four research institutions including CEITEC Brno…

28. Aug. 2018

Researchers from CEITEC BUT tested robot Orpheus

A team from CEITEC and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication at Brno University of Technology under the leadership of…

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