5. Aug. 2020

New European Project Develops Technology to Solve Two Growing Problems: Patient-centric Care and Automated Driving

A new EU-wide project was launched in May to pave the way for next-generation intelligent sensing for health and automotive solutions. In health care…

4. Aug. 2020

Scientists Visualised Protein Synthesis in Unprecedented Detail

  Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, including Slovak structural biologist Gabriel Demo (now Research Group…

28. July 2020

CEITEC MU Elected New Members to Its Scientific Board

The Academic Senate of Masaryk University (MU) has approved the new members of the CEITEC MU Scientific Board. The members were nominated by Jirí…

24. July 2020

Agriculture and Food Production Must Become More Sustainable

Press Release Agriculture and food production must become more sustainable in a world facing a rising, more affluent world population, climate…

21. July 2020

Scientists From CEITEC Reveled New Secrets of Gene Regulation in Plants

Press Release A team of scientists, led by Karel Riha from CEITEC Masaryk University, recently discovered that proteins involved in RNA quality…

20. July 2020

Stres ničí mozek... a hudba ho léčí

Jako první český vědec byl zvolen členem korespondentem Americké neurologické asociace. Prof. MUDr. IVAN REKTOR (71), CSc., FCMA, FANA,…

12. July 2020

High School Students Led by a Doctoral Student from CEITEC Wins National Competition

Kristýna Valová is in her second year of doctoral studies at CEITEC BUT. As part of her work in the Advanced Biomaterials research group, she focuses…

8. July 2020

Karel Riha From CEITEC Was Elected as a New EMBO Member

Press release The prestigious European Molecular Biology Organisation, EMBO, based in Heidelberg (Germany) has officially announced the names of its…

8. July 2020

A CEITEC Team Designed a New Way of Preparation of Nanostructures with a Unique Geometric Structure

Publication dealing with the preparation of nanostructures with a unique geometric structure by the team of Dr. Jan Čechal from CEITEC BUT was…

7. July 2020

Researcher Contracts Under Strain as Economic Recession Looms

Covid-19 worsens the already precarious scenario for scientists on short-term contracts. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for…

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