16. Aug. 2019

A Breakthrough in Plant Research

Scientists from the Institute of Biophysics CAS and CEITEC Masaryk University came up with a breakthrough in plant research. They have refuted…

12. Aug. 2019

Farka: Výzkum je často o rivalitě, kdo přijde s objevem dřív

Podívejte se na videorozhovor se Zdeňkem Farkou, výzkumníkem v institutu CEITEC Masarykovy univerzity.  Farka coby absolvent…

8. Aug. 2019

Abilities of nanomaterials are fascinating, says leader of Advanced Low-dimensional Nanomaterials group Jan Macák

Fifteen years ago Jan Macák thought that in 2019 the area of his scientific interest would be completely exhausted and there wouldn’t be anything…

6. Aug. 2019

Unexpected ‘Germline’ Plant Cells May Shield New Generations

Karel Říha’s mutant plants were too healthy. The molecular biologist, a postdoctoral researcher in Texas in the year 2000, was breeding botany’s…

5. Aug. 2019

The prestigious School on Magnetism is organized by CEITEC this year. The topic is experimental techniques

For a hundred students and experts from around the world, CEITEC Brno University of Technology is preparing a twelve-day program to mark the…

1. Aug. 2019

Young Scientists Organised a Conference for Their Colleagues from Czechia and Austria

The two-day retreat, organised by CEITEC Ph.D. students for their peers, has been a tradition for the past four years.  This year, students…

31. July 2019

NenoVision will receive 20 million CZK from the Y Soft

About three years ago, NenoVision entered the microscope market with its own atomic equipment called LiteScope, which enables three-dimensional…

25. July 2019

Markus Dettenhofer pro SME: Proč v Evropě existují rozdíly ve výzkumu?

Co způsobuje rozdíly ve vědeckém výzkumu evropských zemí? Jak mohou země s různými podmínkami povýšit své výzkumy na top úroveň? …

25. July 2019

Czech Leading Scientists Join their Colleagues. They Ask the EU to Enable the Use of New Methods of Plant Genome Editing

Today marks one year since the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that organisms treated with precision breeding techniques (CRISPR) are…

12. July 2019

Visit of Uteerat Chareontoh, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand at CEITEC BUT

CEITEC Brno University of Technology visited Her Excellency Uteerat Chareontoh to discuss with our institute the possibility of working with…

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