28. Aug. 2018

Researchers from CEITEC BUT tested robot Orpheus

A team from CEITEC and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication at Brno University of Technology under the leadership of…

26. Aug. 2018

A research group dedicated to epitaxial materials and nanostructures was established at CEITEC BUT. The Group Leader is Austrian researcher Hermann Detz

Thinking about how to get a laser and a detector on one chip, or what materials are needed to produce a waveguide with more functionality. These are…

21. Aug. 2018

Pavel Plevka’s team of CEITEC MU demonstrated how a sacbrood honeybee virus enters the cells

Press release, Brno, 8 August 2018;  A detailed description of a sacbrood honeybee virus structure infecting bee colonies all over the world has…

20. Aug. 2018

Watch video from an ICN+T Brno organized by CEITEC BUT and Institute of Physic Academy of Sciences

Two years of preparation, six days of the conference, more than 350 participants, 45 invited lecturers and around 150 scientists with standard…

7. Aug. 2018

CEITEC chose the first PhD projects receiving Bridge Fund Support

BRIDGE FUND is a fund addressed to CEITEC PhD students, which aims to further promote interdisciplinary projects between Life Sciences and Material…

31. July 2018

Scientists from CEITEC BUT have revealed the role of signals responsible for forming facial parts in vertebrates

Researchers from Laboratory of Computed Tomography from CEITEC BUT have been working with the Swedish group of developmental biologists since…

27. July 2018

Marek Mráz from CEITEC MU received prestigious ERC starting grant. He will focus on leukemia

Press release, Brno, 27 July 2018; Marek Mráz, a researcher working at CEITEC Masaryk University (MU) has achieved a great success. He has obtained…

20. July 2018

I see my role at CEITEC BUT in creating alliances with companies, says Jiří Očadlík

For several years Jiří Očadlík served as the director of the world-famous Brno-based company FEI (now Thermo Fischer Scientific) producing electron…

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