Postdoctoral researchers at CEITEC are highly valued employees who contribute the overall success of the institution. How? 

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  • A postdoctoral trainee, also called POSTDOC, participates in research carried out by the research team and is responsible for specific assigned project.
  • Postdoc is appointed for the purpose of training to develop the ability to reason in a scientific manner, formulate hypotheses independently, and to perform independent research. It is an excellent opportunity to fully develop the skills acquired throughout PhD studies.
  • The postdoc experience at CEITEC will allow you to become familiar with practical aspects of research, to learn how to design and plan experiments within an international team, and last but not least to collaborate with our regional and international partners from academia, as well as industry.
  • Postdoctoral trainees are expected to publish the results of their research, to mentor junior researchers, and if they wish, they can participate in teaching activities. Postdocs at CEITEC are appointed for a period of three years, with a possibility of extension, typically, for additional three years.

Why to be a postdoc at CEITEC?

Choosing the right destination for your postdoctoral research might be very tricky.

  • Every postdoc is looking for a position that is exciting and fits his/her scientific background and carer goals in an environment that is supportive and fits one’s lifestyle.
  • At CEITEC we are proud to say that all of our researchers praise our state of the art infrastructure and equipment.

Researchers are grateful for sufficient freedom of research at CEITEC and that they receive great deal of administrative support.

Would like to join CEITEC as a postdoctoral researcher? Please check open positions or contact directly leaders of adequate research groups.

The city of Brno

CEITEC is located in the city of Brno

  • Brno is a vibrant city with multiple universities and about one fifth of its population comprises of university students.
  • Brno has the highest concentration of expatriates from the whole Czech Republic and it is easy to get along without the knowledge of the local language.
  • Brno ranks as the number one city for expat support according to Financial Times.
  • Cost of living in the Czech Republic is among the lowest in the EU and the Czech Republic is considered the sixth safest country according to the whitepaper on the future of Europe.
  • Brno became currently famous for its vibrant bar and coffee culture. Brno is an excellent destination for families and singles alike.

You will never be bored here!


Postdoc Peer Committee

CEITEC MU established the Postdoc Peer Committee in 2019.

The goal of the Postdoc Peer Committee is to hear the voice of CEITEC MU postdocs, to understand their needs and jointly seek for solutions to problems that we can solve. Postdocs are drawn to grass-roots activism to create better working conditions for themselves and their peers. In doing so, they can pick up and polish skills such as negotiation, time management, communication and leadership that aid their own career development.

The Postdoc Peer Committee identifies institutional strengths and weaknesses, suggest and jointly with the administration implements solutions that fit the postdoc needs. The committee can suggest which soft and transferable skills courses will be offered to postdocs at CEITEC MU, which scientific and social events for postdocs will take place, so that the no one feels isolated and interdisciplinary collaborations can flourish. 

For more information you can visit the website of the CEITEC Postdoc Peer Committee.

Useful Contacts


Chair of the Postdoc Peer Committee

Support of the postdocs platform (Postdocs committee, Postdocs retreat)

Michaela Fajkusová
Michaela Fajkusová PhD Studies Manager
Phone: +420 54949 3909, +420 778 707 739
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Do you have any complaints related to unfair treatment or others? The Ombudsperson for Postdocs can facilitate some disputes through discussion or mediation. 

Nikola Kostlánová, Ph.D.
Nikola Kostlánová, Ph.D. Scientific Secretary
Phone: +420 54949 3719, +420 731 517 754
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