11. Jan. 2022

SING UP HERE! PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from more than eleven European countries have a unique chance to get together, learn, network, explore interesting career possibilities and funding options. Alliance4Life is organizing   Early Stage Researcher´s Retreat that will connect twelve leading Central and Eastern European life science universities and research institutes from eleven countries in an online interactive event that will take place on 20 and 21 January 2022.

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The event will open with popular Life After PhD session on Thursday 20 January at 10:00 CET. This moderated discussion will introduce four scientists and their fascinating career paths, including problems they had to overcome and useful career transition tips. Among the invited speakers will be Radan Spaventi, the co-founder of Triadelta Partners, a consulting company dedicated to discovery and development of innovative solutions for the management of human health disorders, primarily in areas of infectious and inflammatory diseases. Radan Spaventi will share his exciting career journey that led him from academia to leading top class international life sciences R&D teams and organizations. Radan will guide you through the fascinating world of science, business and leadership!

Alison Cambell creates environments that help innovation flourish. As a director of Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI), a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Universities Association, she is responsible for policy, practice and the performance of the Irish knowledge-technology transfer (KTT) system. She will share her experience with working across start-ups, strategic alliances, funding agencies, policy and strategic roles on leadership boards. As a believer in the power of shared learning she will provide you with useful tips how make things happen and how to steer you career in science into the desired direction. Alison will introduce you to the world of knowledge transfer and innovation!

Giedrius Gasiunas is a senior researcher at the Institute of Biotechnology of Life Sciences Centre at the Vilnius University and founder and CSO of the biotechnology company CasZyme. CasZyme aims to deliver novel solutions in the field of CRISPR based molecular tools. Giedrius will share his experience in developing and characterizing new tools in support of CRISPR-Cas gene editing technology research and describe his career journey from his PhD degree in biochemistry to his own successful biotechnology start-up. Giedrius will take you on a journey through the world of scientific inventions and entrepreneurship!

The last speaker of the Life After PhD session will be Peeter Padrik, a founder and CEO of Antegenes. Peeter Padrik is one of the leading cancer specialists in Estonia with more than 25 years of experience as a clinician, researcher, leader, and healthcare manager at Tartu University Hospital. Peeter Padrik is one of the pioneers in the implementation of innovative genetic information into healthcare. He has developed novel polygenic risk score based genetic tests to estimate the risk of common cancers that makes it possible to calculate a person’s risk of developing cancer and provide medical advice on prevention and early detection. His spin-off company just received an investment of 500,000 euros to bring the genetic tests for cancer prevention to UK market. Peeter will guide you through his admirable career journey of a medical doctor, researcher and spin-off founder.

In the afternoon at 13:00 CET, the researchers will have a chance to listen to 15-minute long elevator pitches introducing variety of interesting biotechnology companies with possible career options for PhD graduates from the life science sector. The day will close with technology pitches of participating Allience4Life partner institutions starting at 15:30 CET, who will introduce their core facilities, expertise and technology equipment. This final session might be interesting especially for students who would like to continue as postdoctoral researchers in academia and are seeking suitable technology and expertise, that will help them to advance with their research.

The second day on Friday 21 January will be all about learning! The morning session at 9:00 CET will introduce trends and traps when communicating research results. You will learn how a professional approach in creating research results and communicating them in scientific publications as well as in the media can help your research and your career. The session will comprise of short presentations of the panelists followed by a joint discussion with the audience. The following session at 10:45 CET will introduce variety of funding opportunities for Early Stage Researchers and solid strategies that will help you to secure the desired funding. You will explore prestigious MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships, MSCA Staff Exchanges, as well as ERASMUS+ programme.

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