0 Core Facilties Equipped with cutting-edge technologies in nanotechnologies and life material sciences.
0 Core Facility Users Instrumentation and technological equipment is available to both internal and external users.
0+ Nationalities of Users Researchers from all over the world meet and collaborate in our laboratories.
Booking System

Booking System

Access to our laboratories is organized through a reservation system, where the user can manage his/her complete agenda of device reservations, training, etc. To access the reservation system, it is always necessary to register with the relevant laboratory. Each laboratory has its own application and you can find it on the laboratory page.

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Industry Cooperation

We work with industrial partners to supplement existing R&D or to assist you in solving technology issues. Our researchers can work alongside you on a collaborative project where both parties provide intellectual input and resources, funding, materials and facilities or our researchers can provide you with specific expertise. CEITEC collaborates with local SMEs as well as international industrial leaders based outside of the Czech Republic.

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Future of Industrial Manufacturing

The newly established International Research and Innovation Center for Advanced Production focuses on research areas related to Industry 4.0 and will strengthen industrial production research with the results of artificial intelligence research.