At CEITEC, we are continuously striving to expand our training portfolio to support career development and wellbeing of our researchers. We offer courses and workshops in soft skills and transferable skills to equip our researchers with relevant and competitive skill set for successful life science career at CEITEC and beyond. To ensure best results, our well-rounded training portfolio follows best practices of recognised research institutes and reflects the needs of CEITEC scientific community. Our courses cover various areas of professional development from personal effectiveness, research management, research funding, project management, research integrity and ethics, science communication, open science, technology transfer, academic writing, and data analysis. 

We put great emphasis on supporting career development of our junior researchers such as PhD students and postdocs. Our mission is to raise next generation of responsible, curious and confident scientists that will be globally competitive in academia, as well as industry. 


List of Courses 2019








  • MSCA RISE & ITN Info day (target group: PhD students, postdocs, RGLs)

  • PhD Welcome Info Day: Onboarding and Teambuilding for New PhD Students (target group: PhD students)


  • Effective Time Management in Science (target group: RGLs)
  • Excursion to Biotech Company (target group: PhD students, postdocs)
  • Life After PhD (target group: PhD students, postdocs)


  • How to Write a Competitive Proposal (target group: PhD students, postdocs, RGLs)

  • Mentoring Workshop for Mentors (target group: RGLs, PIs, postdocs)

  • Mentoring Workshop for Mentees (target group: PhD students)

  • Funding Opportunities for Postdocs (target group: postdocs) 


Don´t hesitate to contact Ester Jarour for more information about CEITEC courses or in case you would like to learn or teach any specific skill or scientific method. We encourage continuous learning and knowledge sharing!


Contact person

Ester Jarour Ester Jarour Communications and PR Man.-Spokesperson
Phone: +420 54949 6271


  • Design of soft skills and transferable skills course portfolio for researchers at all career levels respecting global best practice standards and reflecting the needs of the CEITEC scientific community
  • Organisation and delivery of courses and workshops supporting professional development of CEITEC researchers at all career levels
  • Supporting career development of junior researchers (PhD students and postdocs) to secure relevant and competitive skill set for successful career in academia as well as industry on the global level
  • Organisation of events for junior researchers
  • Promotion of the CEITEC Life Science PhD school
  • Facilitating of mentoring and knowledge sharing activities at CEITEC