In CEITEC, we are continuously widening a series of trainings to encourage career development and wellbeing of our scientists, especially early-career researchers. The trainings include soft and transferable skills, e.g. (self-)management skills, work-life balancing, and financing research. For PhD students, the trainings are designed to build a solid basis for scientific work for students e.g. research, scientific writing, ethics and law.  For the more advanced researchers, they prepare for a position of a group leader, mentor or for a career outside academia (technology transfer). To ensure the best results, these courses are based on the needs of researches and regularly adjusted according to their feedback.


List of trainings at Masaryk University

Course PRF_J2018 Prefekt Basic course for PhD students: intro to research career, ethics, financing, authorship...

Course C4866 Scientific knowledge and thinking

Career guidance and counselling

MU Career centre

  • Free career consultations and coaching
  • Psychological assessment for skill development
  • Self-presentation courses
  • CV writing & job interview preparation

Psychological counselling - study problems, lack of fulfilment, difficult life situations, long-therm feelings of misery, communication problems…

(website only in Czech, but counselling available in English. Contact:

Grant writing

 Grant office at CEITEC MU provide specialised worshops in grant writing and individual help

Language skills

MU Language centre  - English for academics and study skills in english, teaching in English, Czech language, other languages

Academic writing

Course DSVIz01 Acquisition of scientific information (Czech) - writing, resources, publishing

Course DAJ1 Odborná jazyková příprava pro DSP - Academic Writing in English

Course aVLAW061 Academic Writing

DAJ2_IND Academic Writing - Individual Consultations

For advanced students:

Course D01 Publish or perish: The art of research and scientific writing

Course S5040 Publish or perish - practicals

Library at Faculty of Arts offers workshops in academic writing, using editing and reference software (Czech)

Presentation skills

Course S5002 Scientific data presentation - poster preparation and presentation; only for CEITEC LS PhD students

Course CJVA102 Academic English with a Focus on Presentations

Teaching skills

CERPEK - Pedagogical Competence Development Center (Czech)

Extensive training program, pedagogical support for academic staff in university-level pedagogy

MU Language centre

Communication with students, feedback and evaluation, creating tests…


Course PREFEKTp Organizace a řízení vědy a projektového managementu  (Czech)

Course S4002 Law, ethics and philosophy of science 


Contact person

Ester Jarour Ester Jarour Research and Development Manager
Phone: +420 54949 6271


  • Organizing new trainings to fit the needs of young researchers
  • Collecting feedback to existing courses and workshop
  • Facilitating mentoring opportunities
  • Coordinating events for young scientists