Kateřina Wolfová

Kateřina Wolfová

HR Specialist

Job description

  • responsibility for the education and development agenda of employees
  • planning and organization of training and courses for employees
  • communication with suppliers and education lecturers
  • coordination of internal training within CEITEC MU
  • research and mapping of the educational needs of employees
  • active search and presentation of educational opportunities within MU and outside MU
  • communication and presentation of training and development opportunities to employees
  • evaluation of implemented courses and reporting
  • communication and cooperation with MU education coordinators
  • cooperation with CERPEK
  • networking within the EU-life international alliance
  • involvement in the creation and implementation of HR processes
  • providing counseling in the field of mental health, assistance in addressing work-related challenges, conflicts, and demanding situations


+420 54949 8229
Office E35/1S018
Kamenice 753/5, Brno, 625 00
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