5. Nov. 2019

Press Release, 5. 11. 2019

A group of 24 scientific leaders, including two ERC grant holders, 16 principal investigators, and six scientific managers, participated last week in one of the first two Search Inside Yourself (SIY) leadership workshops organized in the Czech Republic. The workshops were led by SIY trainers Alexie Dossa – Innovation and Employee Engagement Expert, and Eva Bata – Head of HR at FNZ. CEITEC was the second organisation in Brno to organise this type of leadership training for its people, after FNZ – international financial technology company specialising in providing investment platforms to major financial institutions.

CEITEC and FNZ are both based in Brno, and their success depends on extremely knowledgeable and motivated employees. Both organisations are pioneers in bringing responsible leadership to workplaces through mindfulness, and investing in the growth of their people in their journey towards excellence in academia and business. This training is an excellent example of proactive collaboration and knowledge-sharing between business and academia in order to achieve a common goal.

Search Inside Yourself was born at Google in 2007, when a team of leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence developed an internal course for fellow Google employees. It quickly became an incredibly popular training program both within Google, and externally. SIY helps to sustain excellent performance through practises that increase emotional intelligence. The course participants worked for two days with SIY trainers to develop the leadership and emotional intelligence skills needed to intensify focus, manage stress, harness creativity, and improve resilience. The participants gained better self-awareness, improved communication skills, and learned how to lead with compassion.

95 percent of the course participants were satisfied with the course, and more than 80 percent of the participants found that what they learnt was relevant to challenges they currently face, and are ready to apply what their learnt to their everyday lives. 95 percent of the participants would recommend this course to their colleagues. One of the participants revealed that he "was convinced that mindfulness is not only a buzz word, and that the effect of mindfulness and meditation are not only empty talk, but also scientific facts." Self-awareness, self-management and empathy form the core for good relationships with people. After all, a healthy mind is indeed as important as a healthy body, and we should not disregard it.” Another participant summed up the workshop with the following words: “If I have to summarise in one line what I learned during the training, it will be, ’To be a leader means to be a human being.’"

CEITEC is grateful for the opportunity to receive this famous training free-of-charge, and to thereby contribute to greater productivity and well-being, and most importantly, better relationships and the happiness of its people. This activity proves that organisations in #brnoregion are actively contributing to the region´s goal to remain leader in science, technology and innovation in the Czech Republic.


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