Nikola Kostlánová, Ph.D.

Nikola Kostlánová, Ph.D.

Scientific Secretary

Job description

  • Develops short and long-term strategies and conceptions (career scheme, PhD school, postdoc’s programmes, scientific and institutional projects, informational sources, etc.)
  • Develops methodologies for evaluating science at CEITEC MU and supports the preparation of regular evaluations
  • Supports the organization of scientific recruitment
  • Provides full secretarial service for deputy director for R&D and Strategy board of CEITEC MU
  • Liaisons the communication among researchers and administrative staff
  • Methodologically supports department of Strategy and Science and Grant Office
  • Deputizes CEITEC MU of Vice-rector for science meeting
  • Ombudsperson for PostDoc Fellows – helps investigate and resolve situations, where PostDoc fellows may feel disadvantaged, discriminated or if they are not treated in accordance with the Charter & Code for researchers or any other generaly valid principles and conventions


+420 54949 3719, +420 731 517 754
Office E35/127
Kamenice 753/5, Brno, 625 00
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