24. Aug. 2022

Postdocs and staff scientists from the six institutes of the CEITEC consortium and from Masaryk University will gather in Chateau Křtiny to jointly learn, discuss science, network and socialise. During the Postdoc Appreciation Week, organizations from across the world, including CEITEC, participate by holding special events for postdoctoral researchers. The main aim of the Postdoc Appreciation Week is to recognize the significant contributions that postdoctoral scholars make to global research and discovery. The highlight of this postdoc retreat will be a science communication workshop by Swiss-based neuroscientist and communication expert Dr. Samuel Lagier.

Would you like to join this retreat? Register NOW! Places are limited!

A postdoctoral fellow, postdoctoral researcher, or simply postdoc is a person professionally conducting research after the completion of their doctoral studies. Postdoc Peer Committee of the Masaryk University is this year organizing already the 3rd Annual Postdoc Retreat for the entire CEITEC postdoc community. The retreat is open to all postdocs and other scientists who have already obtained their PhD but are not Research Group Leaders, as well as to postdocs from Masaryk University involved in life or material science research. The retreat will take place in the charming Chateau Křtiny, located in the middle of forests in the Moravian Karst, from the 22nd to the 23rd of September 2022. It will provide an excellent opportunity for the exchange of scientific knowledge, development of very essential communication skills, but also networking and socializing of the international postdoc community of the CEITEC consortium.

Postdocs at CEITEC have a temporary academic appointment with the aim of conducting research. At the same time, postdocs acquire deeper knowledge and further increase their expertise in specialist subjects. Among their duties is often student supervision, teaching and acquiring of novel skills and research methods. Postdocs and their expertise and results are essential for fulfilling the mission of CEITEC and they are contributing to improving the quality of life and human health through scientific innovations. Postdoctoral researchers at CEITEC are highly valued employees who produce high-quality scientific publications in peer-reviewed academic journals or conferences.

This retreat will showcase world-class science conducted by postdocs across the entire CEITEC consortium and its Twinning partners spanning from life science and material sciences up to cybernetics. State-of-the-art core facilities of CEITEC will introduce their newest services, instruments and available expertise. Postdocs from Twinning partner institutions – Guttenberg University, European Molecular Biology Laboratory and Institute of Molecular Biology – will join CEITEC postdocs during the entire retreat, including invited talks and poster sessions. The best presentation and poster will be awarded.

Another highlight of this postdoc retreat will be a one-day-long science communication workshop - The art of engaging an audience, by Swiss-based neuroscientist and communication expert Dr. Samuel Lagier. Samuel Lagier´s mission is to empower scientists to unleash their enthusiasm and passion for science and to stand out with excellent presentation skills. According to Lagier, facing an audience is stressful, even for seasoned speakers. For a researcher, the ability to present their own research is critical and can shape (positively and negatively) an entire career. Coping with what can be a challenging situation is not trivial, and a lot of scientists are not properly trained for it.  His interactive workshop is designed to equip researchers with a mindset and concrete tools to efficiently face and engage an audience. With simple metaphors, the workshop will highlight the challenges of communicating science to various audiences and present solutions on how to structure a scientific presentation. This interactive workshop will utilize participants’ own content with a mix of theory and practice.

If you are a postdoc from any CEITEC institution or from Masaryk University, don´t hesitate to sign up for this two-day-long retreat packed with science, learning, networking and fun with like-minded peers! The capacity of the venue is limited. It can accommodate 40 participants overnight and host up to 90 participants in the presentation rooms. Don´t miss this unique opportunity and secure your space on time. The registration fee is only 2 000 CZK and includes accommodation, meals, coffee breaks, the entire programme, including the communication workshop and all social events. The registration deadline is 10th September 2022.


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