3. May 2018

Thirteen family members of the Czech actor, playwright, director, teacher and writer Arnost Goldflam died in a concentration camp, and his parents passed the pains of the war as well. Whether the trauma of the holocaust survivors is also transferred to their descendants is the subject of Holocaust survivors research. The leader of the research is Prof. Ivan Rektor of CEITEC, MU, who knows Arnost Goldflam well. Within the research, Arnošt Goldflam was asked a number of questions, his blood was taken and his brain was examined by magnetic resonance.

Is holocaust trauma hereditary? Is it passed on to the next generation genetically? Can research results be applied to other traumatized groups? Holocaust survivors research aims to answer these questions.

Alena Blazejovska´s document showing Arnošt Goldflam as a descendant of those who survived the Holocaust is available only in Czech. 

Source: ČRo Dvojka