The national Bike to Work challenge continues! Most spring sports, as well as cultural and social events have been cancelled, but not Bike to Work! We decided to turn the challenge into a national team building event. We will fight for a cleaner environment, as well as our own health by cycling and playing domestic sports. This is particularly useful in today’s circumstances. 

Can I get involved in the challenge, even though I am at a home office, am home with my children, or am currently in quarantine?

Yes. We care about your physical and mental condition. In addition to non-motorised trips to work, you can now record medical rides, walks, and shopping trips (by recording them in the same way you would for travelling to work), as well as sports activities at home (i.e., bodybuilding, dance, yoga, exercise bike, etc.). Even a few minutes of exercise count. Of course, everything should be done in accordance with the governmental regulations.

Show that you are a part of CEITEC by doing sports with your colleagues, and promote health of the body and mind together!

During May, we will be looking forward to seeing your photos from your way to work or home office activities on our Facebook event, whether you are cycling, running or walking. Share your activities even from your home and inspire us with your videos, GIFs or boomerangs.

Share your photos and videos with the #CEITECNaKole, #CEITECjede or #CEITECByBike hashtags.

When sharing your photos or videos, please keep in mind that they can be used further for the promotion of CEITEC and the Bike to Work event, both on social networks and internal channels.