• Speaker: Dr. Vanessa Hearnden
  • Institution: Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield, Great Britain
  • Date: 8.11. 2017
  • Place: CEITEC Brno University of Technology


Dr Hearnden is a cell biologist with substantial experience constructing three dimensional tissue
engineered models of soft tissues. This seminar will describe her work developing tissue
engineered models of the oral mucosa, skin and tonsils while also discussing her research into soft
tissue diseases such as oral cancer and wound healing. Dr Hearnden's in vitro models provide an
excellent tool to study diseases processes as well as developing novel materials and technologies.
Going beyond the standard biocompatibility testing Dr Hearnden will discuss examples of how
she has supported materials scientists to design biomaterials for clinical application; testing the
ability of materials to support cell adhesion, cell migration, 3D tissue growth and angiogenesis.

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