CEITEC Is Testing Foil That Is Being Used By Major Global Manufacturers

2. Mar. 2016

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Scientists from CEITEC BUT continue in the strategy of commercial cooperation, which had already been started, this time in the field of plastic products. Today at the trade fair EmbaxPrint, the Director of CEITEC BUT, Radimír Vrba, has ceremonially signed a contract with the Czech company Rolofol which supplies international markets with stretch foil.

Within the cooperation, experts from the research group Advanced Polymers and Composites CEITEC will participate not only in further joint research but also in the testing of this foil, for which they have excellent technical and technological equipment availabale. From this closer cooperation, the company Rolofol expects to move up among the European elite in the field of packaging materials.

Experts from CEITEC have been engaged in the research of polymers for a long time and have reached a number international achievements in this field. Thanks to European subsidies they also have the state-of-the-art equipment, which will be very beneficial for experts from within the application sphere. The cooperation with the Czech company ROLOFOL can bring not only a financial effect to CEITEC, but also more experience and mainly a connection to renowned global producers in the field of plastics.