9. Aug. 2017

The European Ceramics Society (ECerS) is a non-profit federation of national ceramic companies associating their individual members. Every two years, the Young Scientist Award is awarded to scientists under the age of 40 who have made significant contributions to ceramics research. The condition for inclusion in the competition is, among other things, membership in a national ceramic organization that has been affiliated with the European Ceramic Society for at least two years.

On the occasion of the 15th conference, held this year in Budapest, was awarded David Salamon from the Advanced Ceramic Materials Research Group at CEITEC BUT. "The award is a recognition of my existing scientific work in the field of advanced ceramics research, and I also dare say that it will make my work more visible. I very much appreciate the fact that thanks to it I was able to lecture my chosen topic in front of European experts and also be elected to the Executive Committee of the association," he said.

Associate Professor David Salamon is also involved in so-called rapid sintering at CEITEC BUT, which can be explained as a monitoring of ceramic material that is shrinking during heating, and there are various changes depending on process speed. Thanks to this they can find new possibilities for the use of ceramics in the future.

Author: Kateřina Vlková