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8. Dec. 2020

V Technickém muzeu spolu o Čapkovi rozmlouvají roboti z VUT

„Na počátku bylo slovo, a to slovo bylo robot” – tak zní úvodní motto výstavního projektu Technického muzea v Brně ke stému výročí prvního…

27. Nov. 2020

From Robots to Nanorobots. This Year at CEITEC Only Virtually

CEITEC Masaryk University and CEITEC Brno University of Technology during the Researchers' Night is visited by over a thousand visitors every…

28. May 2020

CEITEC Rocks (Not Only) on Bikes

Not only are our scientists important experts in their fields, they are also great sportspeople! Employees of the two biggest CEITEC consortium…

30. Mar. 2020

Adrian Krainer, the Scientist Who Brought Hope to Thousands of Children, Shared his Experience With Students

In the beginning of March, world-renowned biochemist, Adrian Krainer, shared the journey of his scientific career and his research results with…

6. Mar. 2020

Scientists From CEITEC Discussed The Possibilities Of Cooperation With the Bell Flight Company

Bell Flight is an American manufacturer of helicopters and convoys based in Texas, USA. Last week, representatives of the company met with scientists…

2. Mar. 2020

Doctoral Students from CEITEC Masaryk University Presented Their Research Results at CEITEC PhD Conference

On 10 February 2020 at the CEITEC PhD Conference, the scientific community and the general public learned about the scientific directions that…

19. Feb. 2020

První česko-slovenský kongres v oblasti mezioborových přístupů v hojení ran

Historicky první česko-slovenský kongres zaměřený na použití biotechnologií v oblasti hojení ran se konal ve dnech 28. a 29. listopadu 2019 v hotelu…

30. Jan. 2020

CEITEC Student Talent wins Adam Vondráček

More information in czech version.

17. Jan. 2020

BUT Juniors Tried What It Is Like to Be a Real Scientist at CEITEC

Pipette and measure the sample, taste ice cream prepared with liquid nitrogen. In the microwave, make a plasma, mix a plastic star, "stop time" and…

10. Dec. 2019

The EPR International School Welcomed over 140 Participants from Around the World

Electron paramagnetic resonance has led to many scientific breakthroughs in a wide range of scientific fields over the past two decades, such as in…

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