Feedback to Welcome Office services

„Zdenka is very efficient and helpful. Her help was invaluable while looking for accommodation. Her presence at the police solved everything in a matter of 5 min.“

Pavel Kerchev

Manager for transfer technology

Strategy and R&D Support Office - Administration Section


„I was helped by Zdenka Bártová for the process of my relocation to Brno. I had a very positive experience with the Welcome Office. I am very happy with the level of personalized care that was given to my relocation, and honestly, this has been the best experience with an HR department that I have had in my carreer to date. To sum up, the services were top quality, and Zdenka has been a really indispensable help to my relocation. I have nothing but positive feedback to offer.“

Panagiotis Alexiou

Researcher/Head of workplace

Panagiotis Alexiou Research Group - Centre for Molecular Medicine



„In my opinion the Welcome office service is really helpful. I think without this service, it would be really tough to get the right information about various things like residence permit, rental contract, family reunification visa, applying driving licenses etc, which are very important for smooth transition to CR. Because language barrier is a big problem here when dealing with these bureaucratic/administrative things.“  

Anil Paul Chirackal Manavalan  

Research specialist – postdoc

Dalibor Blažek Research Group - Centre for Molecular Medicine