International Cooperation

University and Research Institutes

Even though CEITEC has its origins in the Czech Republic, its ambitions are international. It is interested in cooperation with both European and world institutions renowned in their respective fields.  The existing research teams within CEITEC already have intensive relationships with many international universities and research institutes, CEITEC’s goal is to develop these relationship and foster many more scientists to develop their skills and expertese further. A unique opportunity exists to share information, in the form of professional relationships, joint lectures and publications.

Innovation Companies

It is also necessary to aim towards cooperation with international innovation companies. The R&D activites of CEITEC should bring knowledge with international applications, therefore we also entertain possible collaborations and applications within global industrial concerns. The ideal example are global pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment, producers of technology, instruments and IT companies.

European Networks of Research Infrastructures

CEITEC actively participates in several projects, which are on the ESFRI Roadmap and constitute therefore an important infrastructure base for many disciplines:

  • INSTRUCT - an Integrated Structural Biology Infrastructure for Europe
  • Euro-BioImaging – European Biomedical Imaging Infrastructure
  • ELIXIR - European Bioinformatic Infrastructure
  • EATRIS - European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine

The European Strategic Forum on Reseach on Infrastructures, is a strategic instrument for the development of research integration in Europe and for strengthening its international outreach.

The mission of ESFRI is to support coherent and strategic approaches in the creation of policy relating to research infrastructures in Europe and further it enables multilateral intiatives, which lead to better utilisation and development of research infrastructures on a European and international Level. ESFRI was founded in 2002 at the request of the European Council.

ESFRI created and published four roadmaps of research infrastructures, the first version in 2006 and its latest update in 2016.