Jan Michalička

Jan Michalička

Core facility specialist


Phone: +420 54114 9748
Research group: CF: CEITEC Nano

6. Jan. 2020

Scientists Are Looking for Materials for Wireless Signal Transmission

New possibilities for the lossless transmission of an electrical signal, which can be used, for example, in quantum computer processors, have been…

9. May 2018

CEITEC Nano hosted a meeting on the topic of Transmission Electron Microscopy

Meeting on Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) in Materials Sciences was held at CEITEC-BUT in the partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific …

19. Mar. 2018

Days of Electron Microscopy at CEITEC attracted viewers from all over Brno

Days of Electron Microscopy in Brno aim to present an amazing field of electron microscopy. Within the framework of the event, from 17 March to 23…

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