30. Nov. 2017

Congratulation to Karel Škubník who become a laureate of the award of the Ministry of education youth and sports for the best PhD students! The ceremony took a place at the Senate of the Czech Republic last night. Karel is working on the honeybee viruses in the group of Pavel Plevka. His domain is study of the structure of viruses.

Karel Skubník is studying the widespread worm-deformed virus, which contributes to the decline of the bee population in Europe and North America. Besides honey bees, this virus also attacks solitary bees and bumblebees. These pollinators are indispensable for agricultural production and maintenance of the species diversity of wild flowering plants.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has been awarding this award since 2014. A student or graduate of a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree program may receive awards for extraordinary results in studies or scientific, research, development, artistic or other creative activities related to the study. Awards can also be awarded for an extraordinary act demonstrating civic bravery, responsibility or dedication.