Konstantinos Tripsianes, Ph.D.

Research Group Leader, Project Coordinator Manager


Phone: +420 54949 6607
Research group: Protein-DNA Interactions - Konstantinos Tripsianes

15. May 2018

New Software for Drug Design Developed in CEITEC was a Success in an International Competition

Press Release, Brno, 15.5.2018; In the software competition named D3R Grand Challenge, which aims to promote technologies that will reduce the cost…

8. Mar. 2018

Project for the fast and efficient method for NMR structural studies financed through an interdisciplinary fund

One of the awarded projects that will be financed through a fund supporting interdisciplinary cooperation at the Masaryk University (GAMU) belongs to…

29. Jan. 2018

New Software Developed at CEITEC MU Automates NMR Structural Studies

Press release, Brno, January 29, 2018 Researchers from CEITEC MU developed a streamlined strategy designed to meet the key objectives of NMR…

4. Apr. 2017

CEITEC MU researchers aid search for sleeping sickness cure

The prestigious journal Science has now published the results of a study examining new options for developing drugs against parasites of the Trypanosoma genus, which causes sleeping sickness and other diseases. Scientists from CEITEC at Masaryk…










  • Pushing the limits in automated NMR structure determination using a single 4D NOESY spectrum and machine learning methods, Masarykova univerzita, 2018 - 2020
  • Podjednotky urcující DNA specificitu bakteriální RNA polymerázy s flexibilními doménami: funkce a dynamika (GA13-16842S), Grantová agentura ČR, 2013 - 2017
  • Cellular Structural Biology of non-B DNA Motifs in Human Genome (2535), EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization), 2013 - 2017
  • Molekulární stavba protein-DNA komplexů zapojených v opravě nukleotidových sestřihů (GA15-22380Y), Grantová agentura ČR, 2015 - 2017
  • From protein sequence to NMR structure in a matter of days using CHAINS/Rosetta (MUNI/E/0086/2017), Masarykova univerzita, 2017 - 2017
  • Structural studies of Nucleotide Excision Repair for drug development targeting protein-DNA interactions, Evropská unie, 2013 - 2017
  • Evolucne konzervované strukturní vlastnosti centromerické a telomerické DNA (GA13-28310S), Grantová agentura ČR, 2013 - 2016
  • Structural and kinetic studies of XPF/ERCC1-DNA complex for drug discovery (624894), Evropská unie, 2014 - 2016
  • Environmentally COntrolled POlymorphism of non-B DNA structures (322104), Evropská unie, 2012 - 2016
  • CEITEC - Central European Institute of Technology (CZ.1.05/1.1.00/02.0068), Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy ČR, 2011 - 2015
  • Structural analysis of the binding of tau protein to Plectin´s SH3 domain using NMR. (67p12), Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy ČR, 2013 - 2014
  • Strukturní princip specificity přenosu signálu v rostlinách: síť interakcí příjímačové domény histidinkinas u Arabidospis (GAP305/11/0756), Grantová agentura ČR, 2011 - 2014
  • BioNMR Facilities - Bio NMR (261863), Evropská unie, 2010 - 2014
  • Vývoj metodologie s vysokým rozlišením pro NMR studie neuspořádaných proteinů s vysoce degenerovanými rezonančními frekvencemi (GAP206/11/0758), Grantová agentura ČR, 2011 - 2013
  • Development of novel in-cell NMR experiments and data interpretation schemes for ab initio determination of nucleic acid structure (20121005), Instruct Academic Service Limited, 2012 - 2013

2017 Principal investigator, GAMU – kat. E 8810 “From protein sequence to NMR structure in a matter of days using CHAINS/Rosetta” (4,000 €)

2016-2018 Participant (ten CEITEC Groups and three research partners), H2020-TWINN 692068, “BISON - BrIdging Structural BiOlogy with Biological SyNthesis and Self Assembly to Reveal Key Processes in Living Systems” (1,000,000 €)

2015-2017 Principal investigator, GAČR GJ15-22380Y, “Molecular architecture of protein-DNA complexes involved in Nucleotide Excision Repair” (300,000 €)

2014-2016 Scientist in charge, MC-IIF 624894, “Structural and kinetic studies of XPF/ERCC1-DNA complex for drug discovery” (146,000 €)

2013-2017 Principal investigator, MC-CIG 618223, “Structural studies of Nucleotide Excision Repair for drug development targeting protein-DNA interactions” (100,000 €