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19. Dec. 2018

The Austrian-Czech Project Opens The State-of-the-art Infrastructure to Researchers

Thanks to the cooperation of the leading Czech and Austrian biotechnological research institutions within the framework of the RIAT-CZ project…

13. Dec. 2018

CEITEC MU Researchers’ Study Provides Alternative Approaches for Providing Xenon as Anesthetic Gas

Press release, Brno, 13 December 2018; Xenon is an anesthetic gas that is known for its efficiency in medical applications. However, its large-scale…

4. Dec. 2018

Gabriela Pavlasová, CEITEC MU, Has Received a Prestigious DISCOVERY AWARD for Her Research Results in the Field of Medicine

Press release, Brno, 4 December 2018; Discovery Awards 2017 were presented during a ceremonial evening in Prague, for the seventh time this year, to…

4. Dec. 2018

This Year’s Neuron Award for Young Promising Scientists Granted to Marek Mráz of CEITEC

Press release, Brno, 4 December 2018 Yesterday, a prestigious award of Neuron Foundation was granted to Marek Mráz, a successful scientist of…

3. Dec. 2018

CEITEC Nano hosted the 3rd User Meeting and chose the best microscopic image

The CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure provides its users with comprehensive facilities for state-of-the-art nanotechnology research and advanced…

26. Nov. 2018

“It Was Challenging, but We Made It,” Says Couple with a Dual Career at CEITEC

Before joining CEITEC Masaryk University, Panagiotis lived with his wife, Jill, in Philadelphia and worked as a Research Associate at the…

25. Nov. 2018

Scientists from CEITEC BUT introduced a way to control graphene properties

In their recent publication the researchers from the group Molecular Nanostructures at Surfaces  introduced a way to remotely control the…

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