Nová metoda odhalí roztroušenou sklerózu dřív

26. Dec. 2019

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More information is available in Czech version of this page.

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26. Apr. 2018

Prof. Irena Rektorová for Czech Television: A non-invasive brain stimulation can help patients with Parkinson's disease

Prof. Irena Rektorová and leader of the research group focused on applied neuroscience had for Czech TV an interview on speech…

2. Dec. 2019

What We Eat Can Have an Effect, Even on Alzheimer´s Disease

Michael Owen comes from Toronto, Canada, but has lived in Europe for about eight years. He spent the last two and a half years in Brno, more…

8. Oct. 2019

Alzheimer's Disease Can Be Treated by Dancing. How Does It Help the Sick?

Že bychom se mohli z Alzheimerovy nemoci vytancovat? Asi by to bylo hezké. Zatím ale tým profesorky Ireny Rektorové prokázal v unikátní studii, že…